Welcome Feadbaq!

The idea for this blog is simple.  I’ve failed to land the jobs that I desired even after significant preparation and homework for the interview process.  So why not let someone else benefit from that work?

The content is going to be rough.  Mostly fragmented bullets that have been copied and pasted from my Evernote.  But I do hope you find it useful, especially if you got here after Googling, “product manager interview {XYZ Company}”.

I’m going to start with sharing my own interview preparation notes.  But it is my hope that this blog evolves into a community where job seekers can share with and learn from each other.  That way, the job interview process becomes a little bit less of a mystery and the job seekers less powerless in trying to understand what the company is looking for or why they were passed up.

Why the name “Feadbaq” (sounds like “feedback”)?

#1 – It stems from the difficulty of getting good feedback when one gets passed up for a job.

#2 – I’m feeding back to you folks my notes from and in preparation for my interviews.

#3 – I’m truly hoping to make some serious noise in how the interview process works – speaker feedback.

Good Hunting

Welcome Feadbaq!

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