Notes and questions in preparation for Vice President of Product job interview


  • SEO oriented solution on consumer side?  Not necessarily enterprise side.
  • Reviews and social media focus on enterprise side
  • 1 million users
  • 50K rooftops
  • profitable
  • Acquired mysocialgood and paperKarma (learned these are not core parts of the business)
  • Vision of consumer data vault.  Consumers charging advertisers for access to their data. (learned this is just PR and not part of the real strategy)


I know the power of SEO, of user reviews, of social media, and of analytics all through my experience in running a global $90 digital biz and other media properties.
As somebody who sells online an participates in the digital sharing economy, reputation hits close to home.  I’m always ensuring reviews of me paint a positive and accurate picture of me.
From my consumer perspective, I go to great lengths to scrutinize the validity of online reviews and to weed out either noise or outliers to get to the real helpful insight. From my product management perspective, I’ve spent countless cycles working to deliver the most relevant and insightful reviews to consumers.  So I understand the need for high quality review content and place a great deal of value on it.
What do I want to do (irrelevant after learning this is more about PR than a real strategy)?
I believe that for a marketplace to be most equitable, the intelligence can’t be so one-sided in favor of the sellers.  There has to be more of an equilibrium.  Less information asymmetry.  More transparency.  Got screwed by Amazon’s dynamic pricing.
Make online ads a lot less annoying and much more timely and relevant.  How many times have you encountered an ad for something that you’ve already purchased simply because the ad servers think you’re still in the market for that product.
When advertisers have as much behavioral data as they do, it’s like the telemarketer who knows you’re name and phone number, calling at the wrong place, wrong time asking for donations.
  • Analytics – Reputation score to sales ratio
  • The browser that protects you.  the browser that pays you
  • Future of reputation is in closed (1:1) communications platforms (snapchat, whatsapp) and new social content publishers (tumblr, medium).  Need to think about that space.


Web pages —————————————————–SEO

Review sites, local search ———————————-Review site management

Social media—————————————————-Social media management tools

Snapchat, Whatsapp, tumblr, medium———————?

Notes and questions in preparation for Vice President of Product job interview

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